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Gothic Relief 13th Polychrome Carved Stone"
Exceptional relief in carved stone, polychrome,
Epoque 13th century, Gothic With motifs of quatrefoil rosettes, and flowers
In very good condition, comes from a larger piece
Dimensions: 40 x 23 x 8 cm

The Compagnons d'Emmaüs Plate In Alabaster From Mechelen 17th"
Very beautiful and finely carved: Alabaster plaque from Malines,
from the 17th century, a Galician school, representing the lCompagnons d'Emmaüs
In a frame from the same period No accidents, some normal cracks
The frame shows some wear
The plate at sight: 12 x 9.5 cm

Rare Stoup In Red Marble From Languedoc 17th Louis XIV"
Very beautiful shell-shaped marble stoup, with winding decoration, typically Louis XIV, finely carved, with its long intact anchoring stone, in Red Marble from Languedoc (Saint Pons de Thomières).
Perfectly reusable, Very decorative, in excellent condition, it measures 56 cm x 38 x 13 cm, and weighs + - 15kgs