Arte Tres Gallery





"Statue Of Saint Sebastian 14th Gothic"
Saint Sebastian full-length,
Gothic style Medieval hairstyle for this sculpture from the Middle Ages, circa 1380, 14th century.
Entirely in carved wood, it shows no traces of polychromy.
Some lacks, traces of xylophagous attacks (treated),
in a very good condition of conservation of age and use for this statue of more than 700 years.
Important dimensions: height 87 cm.

"16th Century Colonial Virgin"
Rare and beautiful Virgin In carved wood, Polychromy and Gold,
Of Colonial origin, dating from the 16th century,
In good condition, rare gaps and cracks T
he crown on the head is in Vermeil
Height 44 cm

"Seville 14th Spectacular Christ Of Procession"
Very Important Christ of Procession
in carved wood With remains of Polychromy,
was presented dressed in his clothes during the processions...
Sevillian work from the 14th century-
Dimensions: 120 cm high and 110 cm wide
In good condition of age and condition use, traces of old restorations

"Rare 17th Brotherhood Procession Baton"
in the form of three 17th century statues
Polychrome carved wood, gathered on the same console,
And which were presented on a stick during the processions.
In good condition of age and use, some chips, losses and wear.
Dimensions: height 50 cm; width 41cm

"Christ In Gothic Bronze 15th"
Very beautiful Corpus Christi in bronze, Gothic style,
dating from the 15th century
presenting in a very beautiful patina, an infrequent attitude
for the time, the arms are almost at 90° to the trunk.
The size is very marked.
His perizonium as well as his hair and beard are
Very finely carved, the patina is magnificent
Height 15.5 cm Width 16 cm
In very good shape